Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


BookandGo is online service managed and operated through its website. While using our services and packages you are deemed to accept the terms and conditions of agreement which is listed below, however; we will update our terms and conditions on regular basis and by visiting and using our website you understand and agree with such terms and conditions. If you have any question or query related to terms and conditions or about the use of our website, so you are free to contact us. As an owner of BookandGo website we reserve the right to change the terms and conditions on the basis of needs and requirements.

Ownership of Trademark, Logo and Copyright

Any use of website's trademark, logo, copyright, material and content in whole or part is not for commercial or professional use, however; you can use it for personal and non-commercial use, but if you will use any part of website for commercial or professional, so you will be liable for legal action. All the information displayed and transmitted through our website is under the protection of copyright policy and other intellectual property laws. However; some part of intellectual property and copyright of the website can be owned by the third parties. You are not authorized to modify, change, publish, sell, reproduce, transmit, repost and re-create the content, logo, trademark and any other material of the website.

Accuracy of information and Content

We have described all the packages and services fairly with correct price at the time of publishing. We reserve all right to accept or reject your offer. If we have your email address or phone number in our data base, so we can send you promotional offers and schemes through email and call.

In any event you are not authorized to use the website for following purposes

i. Transmit, modify and republish the content and material of website, if you will do so it will betreated as criminal offence and in result you have to face the court proceedings for breaking thecode of practice or civil liability
ii. To gain unauthorized access in the web portal or network system of BookandGo website.
iii. Breaching any mentioned rules, regulation and laws.
iv. Disrupting or interfering the system network of BookandGo website
v. Transmitting or storing the copies of materials and content protected by copyright rule without any written permission of the owner.
vi. Display, host, upload, modify, update, publish, transmit and share the information on the website.
vii. Using unlawful, obscene, harassing, vulgar, objectionable and threatening content on the website in comment section or on any other section.

As a reader or users of website you are also prohibited from

i. Attempting to violate the security or integrity feature of website or its material.
ii. Transmitting an information with the help of Website which seems to competitive.
iii. Intentionally posting or submitting false or inaccurate information on the website.
iv. Using unsolicited communications techniques with the users of website.
v. Using any tool, agent, software, engine or other devices to navigate website.
vi. Copying or modifying the content of the website.
vii. Using hot linking or deep linking techniques with the content of the website.

Quantity and Pricing rights

We reserve all rights, at our sole discretion to increase or decrease the price of packages. Pricing of the packages and services can be changed as per market fluctuation, demand and time. We can ask for the payment prior to book packages and if you will cancel the order, we will be refund the said percentage of amount into same credit / debit card account.

No Warranty

All the material and content available on the website are without any kind of warranty. While using and browsing our website you bear your own risk and company assumes no responsibility for that. We will try to provide best, error free, viruses free service through our servers, but if you are experiencing or facing some kinds of errors and virus, malware and other harmful components, so we are not responsible for that.

Limitation of Liability

In no event, including both negligence as well as non-negligence company will not liable for any kind of consequential damages in result to use of website or its material and its content. Under no circumstances company have any liability for your harm or damage or loss and causes of action because of accessing or browsing the website.

Legal Disclaimer

We can use this website for lawful purposes and we never believe to use the website for harmful activities. You are not supposed to use the content and material of the website for false advertising and inappropriate marketing. You are not authorized to use the website to gain unauthorized access to information and network of the website. You should not assist or allow any other person to engage in such violations.

Website Content

All the website material or its content is the property of BookandGo and it’s under the control of BookandGo. You are only authorized to use the images, illustrations, copy, photographs, video clips and other materials from this website for marketing, promotion and training purpose only.


BookandGo reserves all right to terminate your account, and access to the website. If you have any issue or complaint regarding the policy or terms and conditions of the website, so you can email us with your query.